Capturing video on Tegra tk1 via BNC output

Ok so here’s the deal,
I have a camera that streams video via BNC and I’d like to record the video on the Tegra tk1.
Any ideas as to how i should go about dealing with this?

I’ve tried looking around a little and came across regular BNC to USB converters and the ENMVG video grabber. The grabber seems like a decent option but it only runs on windows… are there any similar grabbers that run on ubuntu?

If I get a BNC\USB converter, how could I capture the video?

(btw I hope this is the right forum for this,o\w I’d be glad to move to a more relevant one :) )

Thank you all for your time and help :)

By BNC camera, do you mean NTSC/PAL? If so, see

Since Jetson has mini-PCIe mezzanine, here’s compatible capture card:
Note that on the vendor’s Accessory page, they have BNC breakout board.