Car setup

I have a Nano 4Gb and want to to run detection while driving.

In the room I had been using a barrel port connector (plugged into the wall outlet at 5v 4a output) and that worked fine. So I then got a usb-c to barrel port to use for the car.

However all the 12v car adapters use PD on the usb-c. When I plugged in the 12v car adapter and then conneced the usb-c cord and then tested the barrel port power using a multi-meter, the readings show > 10v.

I thought the default power output on usb-c is always 5v unless negotiated.

Has anyone tried this approach to power up the Nano? Can the Nano handle the higher voltage and ignore it or does the volutage goes down to 5v once you plug it into the Nano when it doesn’t negotiate the voltage?

Jetson Nano is limited to 5V input, you may need a level shift/converter to make the 12V to 5V.

Ok thanks for the feedback!