Card upgrade and mixing GTX and RTX, driver setup

Hello all !

I’m about to install a new card and I’m looking for advice, as I will be mixing GPUs.
I currently have 2x GTX 1070 on a windows 10 desktop computer with recent drivers (445.87), and I bought a cheap RTX 2080 to replace one of the 1070.

As far as I understood, I have to uninstall drivers, shut computer down, then replace one 1070 by the 2080, then power up and install drivers again for the 2080 ?
A friend suggested that I first put only the 2080 when reinstalling drivers, then add the second 1070 after, would that be better ? After managing to make the 2080 working, is there something to do after also adding the 1070 or should drivers for the 2080 also take care of the 1070 ?

I am a bit confused by the process and driver management for two different Nvidia cards in the same system. Thank you in advance for your help !

I have a similar setup, a Windows 10 machine with a Pascal-based GPU (Quadro P2000) and a Turing-based GPU (Quadro RTX 4000).

I would simply upgrade to the latest driver first (in my case that was 451.48, there may be newer drivers now) and make sure that works fine with the existing setup. That driver supports all GPUs from the latest Ampere architecture down to the Maxwell architecture. Then power down the machine, swap the GPUs, power back up, and you should be all set. If you encounter issues at that stage, you could try re-installing the latest driver again.

One issue I ran into is that my machine’s BIOS couldn’t decide which GPU is the primary GPU and kept cycling during the boot process. I had to go into the BIOS setup to tell it that the GPU in slot 2 (Quadro RTX 4000) should be considered the primary GPU. These kind of issue will be machine specific.

Hello and thank you for your reply ! That seems rather logical and relevant, will try this way and fiddle with BIOS if needed. Have a nice day !