CARMA kit latency too high

I am running some initial benchmarks on CARMA kit and found out that the latency is more than I expected. The numbers look something like this:

Elements Transferred : 1 ( float: 4 bytes)
H2D: 114.940798 us
H2D Pinned: 125.577605 us
D2H: 170.166397 us
D2H Pinned: 125.494397 us

Elements Transferred : 4096 ( float: 4 bytes)
H2D: 186.67 us
H2D Pinned: 181.747 us
D2H: 260.294 us
D2H Pinned: 158.3555 us

Where H2D is Host to device and D2H is device to host transfer. All the timings are in us ( micro seconds ) and every element is 4 byte float.

Can anybody confirm on these numbers and why this latency is too high?


We are aware of the high latecy issue you pointed out.
We’ll look into this and hope to address it in a future release