Carrier Board Button mcu EFM8SB10F2G can not flash firmware

we have our carrier board use Button MCU EFM8SB10F2G which is exactly the same as NVIDIA NX Button MCU , the layout is replicated with NX carrier board , but we need to flash the firmware into that MCU.
MCU firmware download from there :

but we could not connect with that MCU with the Silicon lab debug adaptor,

Anyone can help teach us how to program that firmware?

i am using as flash tool

2-1 4-1 5-1

This is my hardwire connection , hardwire NV carrier board 's TP9/10,11 with C2D C2CLK GND,but it is not connection with silicion lab debug adapter

I am using NX devkit do this firwmare test , not connected



Moving to Jetson Xavier NX forum for resolution.
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Hi, as said in product design guide: Designs that intend to follow the NVIDIA carrier board design and include the MPU for Button Power Button control need to replicate the circuitry on the latest carrier board exactly. NVIDIA will provide the binary and the customer should get the flashing instructions from Silicon Labs.

I don’t see issue on the C2D, C2CK connections on devkit side. So please check with Silicon Labs for instruction first.

In addition, is the BMCU_UART_TX necessary? TP12 on devkit is for that. Please check with Silicon Labs too.

Yes, we don’t connect BMCU_UART_TX so far, now only connect C2D ,C2CLK ,and GND three pins.

Finally we found it is our UDA problem , please use formal official UDA (USB Debug Adapter) , please close it