Carrier board does not power up

I’m a hardware engineer working in robotics and AI feilds.
I designed the customized carrier board(Nano) according to schematics of Nvidia (P3449–B01), their was minor changes in circuits in the customized carrier board, some connectors change their placement acording to our project constains, board Dim chaned too.

All the voltages values and voltages sequennces are checked and are ok, the problem is we can’t power up the board, can’t power up the HDMI(so can’t connect the board to monitor and making a debuggibg for it), other main functions does not works to , like USB, wi, etherent… it seems that we missing something in our EEPROM configuration (which in our customized carrier board exatly like in NVIDIA schematics) , how can I configure the EEPROM in order to power up my board?? do I need external device for EEPROM configurations? if yes how can I make the debugging without powering up the HDMI for debugging?, please I need help in this issue in order to powering up my carrier board and test the functions(MIPI, USB, Etherent , wifi, HDMI, etc…)
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Thanks for help.