Carrier board issue

Hello, I have been working with the Jetson TX1 for a while now, and we are moving over to the Elroy carrier board from Connect Tech, unfortunately for us we need to use the mini PCI for a few of our USB 3.0 cameras, however we are running into the issue of when we boot up with the camera attached to the mini PCI card we sometimes cannot recognize that there is even a camera, journalctl does not say much there other then it is not an MTP device, which makes me question whether this is an issue on the Jetson side or the camera side. Continuing on if the camera is recognized on the bus I get the following error, the image cannot be decoded clearly and we get an image which is fragmented. the journalctl output states: “WARN Successful completion on short TX: needs XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirk?”, looking at the output of lspci I was able to find out that the link speed is 5 GT/s, which should be enough for 2 USB 3.0 cameras running at about 480 MB/s unfortunately we cannot even get one of these cameras working in a stable fashion without fragmenting images. Any help or input is greatly appreciated, soon I will try the CTI BSP from Connect Tech, however from reading their manual they did not change much in the actual one other then fan PWM. Thank you in advance.

You can compare the boot log in working and non-working cases and check if there is any difference. And also check if device nodes /dev/videoX are present as expected.

There is a PCIe slot on default board. please try to reproduce it on default board.

The default board works no issues, the boot log in does not tell much now that I tried the 28 L4T.

The 28 L4T, changed the error, now instead of decoding errors we get frozen screens after 3-4 seconds of a video stream if we use mPCIe. Now from contacting Connect Tech, we have learned that they will release a 28 CTI BSP fix sometime early this week, I will test that out as well when it is released. However if it does not work I would like some support with the frozen screen issue, and will appreciate any input.

Hi just_a_dev,

Have you received the release for 28 CTI BSP fix from Connect Tech?

Any further information can be shared?


Unfortunately that 28 CTI fix is for TX2, not TX1, we have contacted the Connect Tech engineers and they said their fix for the TX1 will not be out until September

as for further information, what do you want to know?