Carrier board power problem ( not providing 5V)

Today I try to turn on TX1 as usual, power light didn’t come on. HDMI has output and TX1 module seems work fine. NO USB power. Checked schematic and found out that everything on carrier board gets their power from Buck converter on carrier board, not from the actual module.

Checked buck converter, 5V one didn’t work, I took the inductor off and then connect 5V from power supply, everything seems work fine.(3.3V buck converter works!) So it seems like a problem with 5V buck converter and I haven’t figure out the reason.

I want to know if there is a place where I can buy another OEM carrier board, or is there some kind of warranty for the carrier board.

Anyone encountered same problem???

Yes, it seems like a 5V buck related issue. 3.3V, 1.8V bucks are controlled by 5V buck.

Firstly please check ‘CARRIER_PWR_ON’ signal to see if it is driven high correctly when power on, if not, 5V buck is not enabled then, you can try removing R507 (0ohm) and adding R506 (0ohm), this will pull EN to high.

I think the buck IC TPS somehow stopped working, I just bought more of them, hope I can fix it after I replace it.