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Hi all,
it seams I’m having similar issues, including the RTS5411S-GRT.
I could obtain a quotation on RTS5411 and RTS5411-GRT but there is no trace about RTS5411S-GRT.
Comparing the documentation it seams the difference of S version is that it contains 1.2V buck converter. The datasheet mentions RTS5411-GR in ordering information, I guess it is just packaging version.
Could you please provide relevant details on RTS5411S-GRT?
Thank you.

This appears to be an error in the pinmux spreadsheet. The pin is actually called CSI1_D0_N (Tegra pin name is CSI_B_D0_N) and should be on pin 5. We’ll update the pinmux spreadsheet to correct this - thanks for reporting it.

There are a number of pins that have signal names, but do not connect to anything on the module and are reserved for future use. This pin, and the ones listed here fall into this category. In the case of the PCI1_RX_P/N (actual Nano names) connect to unstuffed series resistors on the module.

Hi. Is there an update for the RTS5411S-GRT? There’s absolutely no information on this IC. Can the Nvidia team provide a Datasheet for this part or inform of a comparable/supplemental part? Thanks in advance.

The ANT Micro ref design uses a TI part you can actually get/find datasheets. Getting Realtek parts are typically reserved for companies like Nvidia that are in the Big Club - and you and I ain’t in the Big Club…

ANT Micro -

Note there’s some funky crap in their Altium ref design like the USB 2 connectors not being quite right. other than that it looks like it might work.

Thanks a lot ajawamnet and totally get what you’re saying. I’ll check out the link you provided.