Carter Robot & AGX Orin Devkit & Isaac SDK Compatibility

Hello everyone!

I want to use Carter with AGX Orin Devkit but when I check Isaac SDK, requirement is Ubuntu 18.04. AGX Orin Devkit’s Ubuntu version is 20.40.

How can I use Carter with AGX Orin Devkit?

The latest Isaac SDK 2021.1 is not supported on AGX Orin.

Are you running Carter to evaluate Isaac SDK, or are you interested in developing a similar robot?


Actually we are thinking both of them. Do you have any suggestions about this matter? And I didn’t find any roadmap for Isaac SDK, Will there be an update for Orin series?

The roadmap for Isaac SDK to support Jetson AGX Orin is still not settled yet. In the meantime, you may want to take a look at Isaac ROS instead which does support Jetson AGX Orin.

Hi, I am trying to build Carter with AGX Orin Devkit and I am attempting to follow this guide

However I am very new to robotics and all of this and I am stuck on trying to install Isaac SDK due to the Orin having an incompatible Ubuntu version of 20.04 while the Isaac SDK only supports 18.04.

I have tried to use a Ubuntu 18.04 docker image and am trying to continue following this guide. May I ask if there is an updated guide for the software setup for Orin? My main goal of my project for now is to assemble the robot and allow it to do SLAM, but I am stuck at around step 7 while not really sure if I did the previous steps correctly. (7. On the Xavier, edit the sensor configuration files for Carter to accurately reflect the position of the sensors. The following are file locations and sample configurations for the different sensors:)

Apologies for the newbie question!