Carter's link shows in Rviz is sperated with ROS navigation example

I’m trying to run the example of ROS navigation and command “roslaunch carter_2dnav carter_navigation.launch” with default file. But carter’s link in Rviz is seperated. How to solve this problem?

Screenshot from 2022-07-13 11-26-00

Hi @judy002933,

Could you confirm that the /World/Carter_ROS/chassis_link/carter_lidar
prim in Isaac Sim is in the correct place? It should be translated by (-0.06, 0.0, 0.38) with respect to its parent prim (/World/Carter_ROS/chassis_link).

The camera link may move if you “zoom in” or “zoom out” in the viewport, as that would physically move the camera prim in simulation.

Hope that helps!