cascade yolo models


how is it possible to adapt objectDetector_yolo example to the deepstream-test2 example in the sample apps.

i have 3 different yolo models, where i need to pass the output of one as input to the other. i have explored test-app 2 and yolo object detector in the deepstream package, but it is not clear for me how to achieve cascaded inference with yolo.

You can refer to config file in
The nvinfer property introduction:

test app 2 ran with yolo, but there is no bounding boxes or anything showing on the video output. how can i capture inference results and render it on the video output?


i have successfully ran a custom yolo app with test app-2, but i have two issues:

1- now i need to capture inference info for each frame such as objects and their bounding box coordinates. how can i achieve this.

2- how can i make it run with an rtsp stream instead of a video file.


no update on this?

2- how can i make it run with an rtsp stream instead of a video file.
You can refer to test3, change uri to rtsp uri

hi chris,

can you elaborate? i have changed source = gst_element_factory_make (“filesrc”, “file-source”); to–>
source = gst_element_factory_make (“uridecodebin”, “uri-decode-bin”);

and g_object_set (G_OBJECT (source), “location”, argv[1], NULL); to–> g_object_set (G_OBJECT (source), “rtsp uri”, argv[1], NULL);

and got the following error:

(deepstream-test1-app:10545): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: 13:29:06.752: g_object_set_is_valid_property: object class 'GstURIDecodeBin' has no property named 'rtsp uri'
Elements could not be linked: 1. Exiting.

i also tried changing the source before the argument from ‘location’ to ‘uri’

and i got :

Elements could not be linked: 1. Exiting.

Can you run test3 ? Please read test3 code and debug. Only changing “filesrc” to “uridecodebin” is not enough.

Did your first question be solved, did you get the reasoning information to capture each frame? I am also using the test2 cascade yolo inference, and I cannot get the result of the inference.


No, not yet. i will get back to work on it soon. what i seem to know is that i need to customize it through the dsexample plugin.

if you figure anything out please let me know.

Hi ibondokji,

We haven’t heard back from you in a couple weeks, so marking this topic closed.
Please open a new forum issue when you are ready and we’ll pick it up there.