Case fan not stopping after power off

I installed a fan in my case using 5V and GND. When I power the Nano with the power jack it automatically starts spinning. The second fan which is PWM controlled does not (only if the thermal threshould exceeds). When I power down the Nano - the PWM fan stops spinning and the green LED goes off. However the second fan does not stop.

Is this normal behavior?

Thanks for any help regarding the issue.


No, I don’t think this sounds normal.

To make sure I understand your problem, could you describe it again? Which fan is added by you and which pin are you using? Which fan stopped while another one does not?

I have 2 fans

The fan mounted on top of the heatsink starts / stops according to temperature - and if it is running and I shutdown the system via Linux “poweroff” it stops spinning. Also the green LED stops.

The second fan is connected to the mentioned pins in the picture - 5V and GND
This is the fan that starts as soon as the power is connected and keeps spinning until I physically remove the plug. “poweroff” has no effect on that fan.


All other things from the picture (reset, poweron, etc.) are not plugged in to have a clean test scenario.

Could it be that I am missing a jumper or something?

I thought if I use 5V and GND the fan is not controlled via software (that is why its not turning off via Linux poweroff). However shouldn’t the power supply somehow regulate that?

The only jumpers I set are J40 to use the DC power jack and the one here to turn off auto-on:

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Hey, did you solve the issue? Having the same problem here.

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Hi, sorry to say but I did not find a solution so far. As soon as I power the device the fan starts spinning - only if I separate it from the outlet it stops :(

Here the same problem. Don’t know why.
I have jetson nano 2gb version, the fan control is fine.