Caustics, GI Enhancement New Denoiser A-Trous + DLSS working together in UE4.26

Hey guys! I don-t really know if this is the proper way or thread to go.

Here, my question: i downloaded the Nvidia Caustics and new GI denoiser branch. Compiled it, and blah blah. I’m TRULY amazed by those 2 features. Problem is; 4.25 version.

Now, I got approved by DLSS v2.0 and made it work. AWE! But, 4.26.

So here it goes. I need them 3 to work together for my current project. How can i make these 2 branches merged and working into a 4.26 (or 4.25) together ? Does anyone knows how to?

Thanks a lot in advance.

All my best,

-Alex Roman