Cboot hangs after reboot/watchdog trigger

Hello all,

We’ve received some complaints from our customers of in-field devices which sometimes seem to hang and need a full power-cycle to start up again. We’ve determined that the problem itself is that the TX2 hangs in Cboot, after a software reboot (linux kernel watchdog reboot).

Correct start-up:

[0001.866] W> Return default slot: _a
[0001.869] I> A/B: bin_type (24) slot 0
[0001.877] I> Boot image size read from image header: f2d10
[0001.882] I> Boot image load address: 0x0x80400000
[0001.887] I> Loading partition kernel at 0x80400000 from device(0x1)
[0002.636] I> Kernel hdr @0x80400000
[0002.639] I> Kernel dtb @0x80000000
[0002.643] I> T18x: Authenticate boot.img (bin_type 24), max size 0x4000000

Faulty startup:

[0001.869] W> Return default slot: _a
[0001.872] I> A/B: 0
Tegra186 (P2771-0000-500) #

What is the cause of this? And more importantly, how can we fix this/avoid this? Is there a watchdog in Cboot that we can enable? Because it starts correctly again after such an error when a power cycle is done.

Additional information:
Custom carrier board is used
Custom device tree is used
Cboot is unmodified
Jetpack 4.2.3 is used

Hopefully someone can help us with this, as our end-devices are not easily reached and thus a power-cycle can’t be easily done!

Honestly, this jetpack version is a little bit too old. We have lots of stability fix in later jetpack. Suggest to upgrade the jetpack version.

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your reply, how deeply is the cboot part linked to the JetPack version? Could we take only that part from the most recent JetPack and add/modify it to our current version?

We currently can’t update higher than our current version, due to a breaking change that happened in the follow up version. I’m not quite familiar with it what this breaking change is, but it had to do with AI software versions.

That’s hard to say, got to compare to find out, ad it’s not suggested due to might have dependencies. Suggest to upgrade the JetPack version to newer one.

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