cboot SPI driver for AGX-Xavier


I downloaded cboot code from public source on Nvidia website. (cboot_src_t19x.tbz2)
I am looking for the cboot tegra SPI driver for JETSON-AGX-Xavier. However, it seems that there is no SPI driver in this case.

I can find the qspi driver: bootloader/partner/t19x/common/drivers/soc/t194/qspi/tegrabl_qspi_soc.c
But I couldn’t find the tegra spi driver.

There is an tegra spi header file: bootloader/partner/common/include/drivers/tegrabl_spi.h
It defines spi functions prototypes such as tegrabl_spi_transaction, tegrabl_spi_open. But I don’t see any implementation for those functions. And there is no .c code that include “tegrabl_spi.h”.

Why there is a header .h file that defines prototypes of tegra spi functions, but there is no .c source which implement those tegra spi functions?
Can anyone provide me cboot tegra spi driver for XAVIER?


Sorry to tell. Looks like we are not support SPI driver for cboot currently.