Cc characters are imported as z up

Hey, the way cc characters are exported to USD files are like this:

This is different than the native empty scenes, where y is up:

I hope you can fix this? we ran into issues with our dev team, they are making our first scene modifier for moving lights, and we had to tweak the CC character usd files to be y up - otherwise the logic of moving light failed…

Hello @pekka.varis! I’ve sent this issue over to the dev team to fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

@pekka.varis the y-up function are not yet fully ready, and unfortunately it’s not in the next release roadmap

I think you have to talk to PM to request for this feature. otherwise RD alone can’t decide the priority

Wow! This problem is gone when working with A2gesture, since when everything is made “by the book” - from a2face a cache export, and here in machinima the CC4 is selected as target skeleton, all is Y up, just a default Omniverse way!


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