CC characters in RTX real time

I try to make CC charcters to look good also in RTX Real time!

See I got it made quite fine:

Actual real time render:

But the eye lashes are way too black & thick.
In Path Traced rendering of this same ( “Real Time” mode exported USD ) character we see the same problem:

What can we do to fix this?

In “Path Traced” exported USD from CC, the eye lashes are just perfect:

I even better than in CC preview, that is otherwise very good:

I know that there is support smooth refinement (aka subdivision) on skeleton mesh (e.g. mesh of character with a skeleton). That´s why the hair looks so clunky…

But I hope we could at least fix this eye lashes issue, or is also connected to this refinement?

Hello @pekka.varis! I notified the rendering team about your questions. We should hear back shortly.

Hi @pekka.varis! The developers would appreciate it if you could provide us with a scene with just the eyelashes so that we can help troubleshoot.

@pekka.varis , in RTX Realtime, you can make the eyelash not so thick by reducing the opacity threshold value in eyelash’s material

in RTX Path-traced, you should uncheck the enable opacity cutoff to get the fractional opacity working

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That´s it! Thanks weienchen

Path Traced:

I was working with so heavily maked up characters that I did not realized that this trick still needs to be done, I thought it was fixed in latest update, like the hairline issue… But thanks for this info too :)

I have reported this issue to Real Illusion

That problem is When CC3 export MDL shader, the Opacity parameter sometime not cerrect
You can modify OmniPBR shader inside CC3 Connect plugin content and set opacity defult value like 0.3 or something

And I still not seggest using Opcity map for charactor
the cost more higher then using polygon, way way more
You can check Render profile windows to see how much cost for transpancy pass

and for create 2021 3.7 version still have some transpancy BUG

I can show you our Project picture for what i say


ok Juicao you seem to have a deep knowledge of this :)
Hey why don´t you make a report of your problems straight to CC here:

(You need to have an real illusion account but thats thre URL)

Thank you @Jiucao , I’ll change the opacity default value to 0.3
: )

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