CC Charater with smooth refinement!

Omniverse doesn’t support smooth refinement (aka subdivision) on skeleton mesh (e.g. mesh of character with a skeleton) for animated characters. Yet, they are working on it.

But for still poses it does!
Here is my first render with that smooth refinement , see the hair is now smooth.

But the clothes are not, I have to activate and define the “smoothnes” to them before I export!

About the jeans… See how smooth the geometry is here in CC:

Exported as “static mesh for refinement” but this does not come through to Omniverse:

…nor does the leather jacket, I se now :/

In fact the finger tips are also as raw in geometry as they were on animated, normal exports:

So I decided to try the “tesselation” option for Jeans:

But no difference in Omniverse:

What could this be?