CC motion and actorcore motions = editable anyhow?

I bought a motion from
and applied it to cc character with exporting to USD from my Character Creator v3.43.

I know the motion is “baked” and I cannot tweak it with Omniverse. But is there any solution I could move these hands closer to the vase? Do I have to buy IClone for this?

Hello @pekka.varis,
Thank you for the inquiry. I will bring it to the developers for review towards a possible solution. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Pekka,

I could move these hands closer to the vase?
iClone can adjust the (rl/i)motion, but currently iClone can’t export USD, the support comes in the next patch
so we need to adjust imotion in iClone and save it, and then export USD in CC
if you have any software that can adjust motion in fbx format, actor core could also export motion in fbx format,
on the other hand, how about scale the vase a little bit larger?
Do I have to buy IClone for this?
may be you should try the trial, to see if it works

I wait what Nvidia support answers about this. If the only solution left is to buy iClone, then I buy. I have the CC pipeline already…

Hi @pekka.varis actually @icolon is the one who help to notify me that you post this question, and I could reply.
I am sorry that CC is more toward editing characters, and iClone toward editing motions.
for you need, I think you only need to buy iClone, but the current version of iClone can’t export USD right now.

Oh, then it is quite clear now. But hey, let me wait for the webcam I just ordered, I might be able to record myself the same kind of motion with webcam+ Wrnch and see if I can live with that :)

I made the vase larger too, but I cannot make it larger than this…

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IClone is the answer to this :)
As we almost all know, latest version can export USD with animations.

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