CC3 andCC4 character deformation on Omniverse Create screen

Hi Everyone
All CC3 and CC4 characters’ leg inside has strips on the omniverse screen. I tried to fix this deformation on the stitch line but I couldn’t. If you have any solution to fix this issue, please share it with me. Thank you very much.

These might help you:

first do the “Reset Texture for SSS Map” trick shown here:
Strange horizontal lines around eye browses - #25 by pekka.varis by Joanne.

Then backin Omniverse ( create or machinima )
sub surface scale 0.25

sub surface advanced
all to 1.0

The above parameters can be seen ( with wrong values ) at bottom right in this image:

For body and head skin materials.

If these do not solve, try this:

Pekka Varis

Hi Pekka

Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I will try it.


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Hi Pekka

I tried all but it doesn’t work. Strips are the same intensity.

oh such a sad thing :(
Hopefully reallusion people can answer this…

wanna try this too heheh?

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I’ll try. Thank you very much.

You are a LEGEND mate. You solved the whole issue with one button. Amazing.

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wow! in the end it was @mati-nvidia who was the legend!

You two! :)

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