CC4 character auto_blink function doesn't work

Hi! Dear friends;

CC4 character’s auto-blink feature doesn’t work on the Omniverse_Create scene.

The characters are blink-less when an animated CC4 character came to the Create scene with the auto-blink feature.

Which feature must be activated to see the character with a blink on the create screen?

Thank you very much.


To give more detailed info;

If the character has an expression from 100+ digital soul package, yes he/she blinks.
But if you use a character with only auto-blink function with your custom expression, no blink.

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Hello @gurol.arslan! I’ve reached out to the Reallusion team to help get your questions answered!

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Thank you very much, I look forward to your answer.

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Hi Arslan,
I think it’s a bug, there’s a known issue that some of the custom morph didn’t export correctly,
could you share your .ccProject file in private message for us to check?
Weien Reallusion

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