CC4 extras white geometry in eye-browses?

I just exported the CC4 Camilla character, with facial expressions.

Looks perfect in CC4 realtime (you really need to catch up this quality, and you can we all know!) but when I export it with the latest CC4 Omniverse connector 4.0.0 I also get xtras white geometry in eye-browses, see here:

This is Machinima 2022.1.2 but same thing was in Create 2022.1.1 and Create 2022.1.2
Please can you fix?

Hi Pekka;

Could you solve this issue? I have some shining issues around the eyebrows like this.

Thank you

No, still waiting for the answer for this…

Sorry for the wait! I’ll get someone to take a look at this!

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@pekka.varis the red channel in the opacity texture in the eye brow base material is wrong
see my attach, top is the correct one, bottom is the current one

@pekka.varis I attach the new jpg, please replace the opacity material texture to this one, ref my video

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Thank you so much again Weienchen!

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