CC4 flashing skin and hair problem

Check it out:

Default New CC4 female renders out better, only at ear the flashing is.

@pekka.varis , @WendyGram for rendering issue, please collect the asset and send the USD file to NVIDIA,
maybe Phillippe / Morteza / Frank from Nvidia could take a look when they have time.

please also include your NVIDIA driver info, there is a driver bug related to OmniHair
“Black edges appear with OmniHair with new driver”

I also report a OmniHair flicker issue to in April,
and a normal map flicker, not sure if it could be the same root cause

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I have finally made the scene for you to take a look, it has this flashing skin issue.

@WendyGram do I send this collected assets usd to you and you forward it?

Sure! You can send it to me here:

I sended it!

The quick solution to all cc4 flashing issues is to render them with motion blur ON.

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