CD580M-A1 datasheet?

Hi all!

I’ve tried to find the datasheet for the CD580M-A1 tegra processor that’s used on Jetson TK-1 reference board; but, I haven’t found any. The only datasheet that’s available is the “Tegra_K1_Datasheet_DS067420001v02.pdf”, which only refers to CD575M and CD580MI.

Is there a new one? And if not, is there any official document or link that clearly specifies that CD580M-A1 and CD575M processors are the same and they only differ in the main clock freq?


Yes, the only differ between CD580M and CD575M is the main clock freq

“A1” behind CD580M should be chip silicon version.
CD580M is the old name used on JTK1, the max CPU operating Freq per core is 2.3GHz. It is 2,2GHz on CD575M
There are only CD575M and CD575MI for final embedded chip sku, Tegra_K1_Datasheet_DS067420001v02.pdf is already latest.

Ok, guys. Thank you very much!!