Center View Command or Zoom all

Good morning all, newbie in Omniverse here.

I started using View and Create and to my disappointment I couldn’t use my SpaceMouse for Navigation (I already posted about it somewhere else, no worries)
But now, how do I center the view on the objects present in the scene ? It is usually called Zoom all or Center on Object in other apps, maybe there is another way, happy to learn.

Also, do we have a command prompt ? Just like the one in Autocad or Rhino ? That would make things easier.

Hello @Alakelele! The dev team is working on integrating the SpaceMouse SDK into Omninverse, but it’s not ready just yet!

You can press F to center your view around a selected target if that helps. Here is a link to our keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard Shortcuts — Omniverse Code documentation

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Thanks for being so reactive, it works in Create where you can actually select object but not in View where you can’t select, there should be a center all command in case people get lost (it happens more often than you might think)

You guys are pretty discrete on this forum, any updates on a way to refocus the view the View App ?

You might still be in Orbit Mode. On the toolbar in the middle of the viewport you might see the blue highlighted icon for Orbit. You cannot select anything whilst in this mode. Disengage it to then select things as normal with the mouse and use the “Frame” icon. “F” key does not work in View at this time.