Centos 8 can't recover after nvidia driver installation

Dear all,
I recently installed centOS 8 on an Intel xeon with GeForce GTX 1080; I made several attempts to install NVIDIA drivers (both proprietary and kmod-nvidia), disabling nouveau driver (also removing rhgb from grub file). Eventhough drivers installation ends up fairly, after reboot the system get stuck with a “can’t recover” message. I made several google searches, but all the suggested solutions/workarounds ended up the same way. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Try this: disable SELinux and reboot. If that lets it through, it’s most likely the following bug:


RHEL 8 enabled an SELinux boolean that wasn’t enabled on RHEL 7 for a feature that the newer NVIDIA drivers take advantage of. This is being rectified with an updated SELinux package in RHEL 8.3.

I’ve been running with the workaround SELinux module mentioned in the thread to great success.