Cesium | Particles Error | USD Composer 2023.2.0 Beta

Getting error when trying to add particles after enabling Cesium extension on USD composer 2023.2.0 Beta. Though the error is the same in the prior versions of USDComposer as well. Please help if there is a alternative approach to adding particles along with Cesium extension enabled

@ratan.s.murali do you happen to have the fabric scene delegate enabled in your preferences > rendering setting?

Go into Preferences and then turn off FSD (fabric scene delegate) and see if that solves it.

fabric scene delegate is enabled as it is a requirement from Cesium extension kit for its working. Disabling fabric delegate → particles does work without any issues.

Ok so you are seeing a direct conflict between the need for FSD on for Cesium and off for particles ? I will talk to the Devs and get back to you

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After talking to the Devs, we have determined that indeed, you need FSD on for Cesium and we are aware that with FSD on, Particles may not work. This is unfortunate. The good news is that we have it working here now, so it will be in the next major branch release of Composer. We have made massive improvements to FSD

Thank you!