I see CFG_CAL_DRVUP and CFG_CAL_DRVDN as drive strength parameters shown as 5-bit values in the xxx_CFG2TMC_xxx registers in the TRM, but the description of what the specific values mean doesn’t seem to exist in the TRM.

They also seem to be referred to in several forum postings, but don’t show up as defined. Is there a document that specifies them?



That’s to increase pin’s pull up/down strength.

Thanks for your prompt response, Trumany!

That’s to increase pin’s pull up/down strength.

I had understood that purpose, but I guess I failed to make my understanding clear in the phrasing of my question.

I’m trying to learn precisely what each value corresponds to? Is it linear mA/bit? Is it exponential? If I want 1mA of drive strength high what value do I put? If I want 6mA of drive strength low, what value do I use?

I haven’t been able to find documentation specifying the mapping of the 5-bit values to the intended drive strength. Does something public exist?

Thanks again,


That’s not public. And for different type of pins, the tuning step is different too.

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