Cfl 3d

CFL3D is a long-standing Navier-Stokes CFD code developed at NASA Langley Research Center for solving 2-D or 3-D flows on structured grids.

We have downloaded the source code from Github and installed in Ubuntu 18.04 system. We have executed a flatplate test case too.

We are trying to compile ,run, profile the CFL 3D code. But we are facing some issues as mentioned below

  1. We have Intel VTune profiler tool for profiling fortran, C, CUDA. We found that we need an executable file as an input to the Intel VTune profiler for anlaysis.

  2. We have created a fortran project using CFL3D source code (taken from Github)

  3. We are unable to compile it in debug mode / unable to build. It showed errors as “unable to find the main program”. We know that CFL3D has many main.F files.

  4. We need a guidance to build the CFL3D code, compile and run without any errors.

Please help us.

Thanks in advance

You might be asking in the wrong place. What does this have to do with GPUs or CUDA?

I don’t see any evidence that CFL3D uses GPUs.

Just to reinforce this point, no CFL3D is not GPU accelerated. However, if you’re a “US Person” (quoting the docs) you can request access to FUN3D which will have GPU support from v13.7.

Thanks for your reply.