CGA/EGA mode switch CRASHES 760 under Drivers 320.xx-331.82

Now, I realize hardware designers loath backwards compatibility for a reason… But to actually allow the driver to CRASH from the call, that’s quite a different thing.

My client has some legacy software that they’re forced to work with, and it includes some CGA programs which they use in DOS windows. The 540GTX’s on the other computers are running it fine, but three new ones with 760GTX’s crash, dead. The Nvidia driver itself crashes, after along hang, forcing, somewhat ironically, legacy VGA mode on the desktop, coupled with a message notifying of the video driver crash, followed by a reboot.

Tested it out with a little old fashion DOS Qbasic, and yeah, any change to any video mode (other than 12 - ie. pure text) crashes it.

(Apologies in advanced, as I’ve no clue where to put this.)