CH-rescue flag.

Sabayon, Variant of Gentoo ,

most of it installs on other systems without much of an issue.

however often is the case , due to quirks of my laptop asus g73sw with 460m, the driver update breaks the x11
running from a ch-root and live DVD , letting the script know i’m in chroot to main system to “Rescue” the bungled driver install. the run script dose quite fine.
Being dyslexic it’s nice to use the wiki or read info needed to fix , and run from terminal.
let the script know it’s in a chroot, and do just enough to rescue the driver,etc situation till reboot.

emerging from gentoo offten works however, it too can be hit or miss more often works however binary pm will replace it latter., often the binary PM from Sabayon often has a 60/40% shot.

ISCSI and a few other driver updates also seem to dislike my-laptop.

given this I wouldn’t min a , which would DL latest stable or beta, and then apply it.
Multiple Linux Kernels definable. I keep a few LTS kernels for fail over.