Change bitrate of nvv4l2h264enc on the fly

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I want to encode the video stream in a constant bit rate, then I refer to the post for stringent bitrate, it works with change vbv-size . I also want to change the constant bit rate dynamically, then I refer to the post Change bitrate of nvv4l2h265enc on the fly? , but it only works without set vbv-size property. When I change the bit rate, I also need to change the vbv-size. That is:

g_print("Default bit rate is 2Mbps \n");
int vbv_size = 2000000 / 30; // 30 fps
g_object_set (G_OBJECT(encoder), "vbv-size", vbv_size, "bitrate", 2000000, NULL);
g_print("Change bit rate to 4Mbps \n");
vbv_size = 4000000 / 30;
g_object_set (G_OBJECT(encoder), "vbv-size", vbv_size, "bitrate", 4000000, NULL);

Above code is not works. How can I change the constant bitrate dynamically?

This setup may not be supported. Please set to CBR without setting virtual buffer size if you would like to change bitrate in runtime.


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