Change boot pinmux settings without full flash

Is there anyway to change the boot-up pinmux configuration without a complete re-flash of the SOC?

For example, my module was originally flashed with GPIO35 (soc_gpio12) configured as pull-down, but I’d like it to boot configured as pull-up. Can I modify this in the boot settings or do I have to reflash with the proper pinmux configuration?

hello andrew.mank,

according to Pinmux and GPIO Configuration, it’s board configuration file to assign default settings,
you had to update the pin configuration using a pinmux spreadsheet for the appropriate platform, and then flash the new configuration to the developer kit.
you may also refer to Configuring the 40-Pin Expansion Header by using Jetson-IO tool for customization during the development stage.

Thanks @JerryChang . I was able to change the pinmux and GPIO settings using the pinmux spreadsheet method, recreating the dtsi files and ultimately the cfg file. My pinmux and GPIO changes took effect if I did a complete re-flash, but I was not able to flash just the BCT partition. I received a flash script failure message. What is the flash script command to only re-flash the BCT?

I also tried the Jetson-IO tool, but it looks as though it only allows the special function I/O to be defined rather than GPIO. I did not see a way to configure pins as GPIO and set their default drive level. Am I missing something there?

hello andrew.mank,

there’s only full-flash be able to update the cfg file;