change confidence level of a class

i am using dusty-nv/jetson-inference/imagenet-camera. I want to ask how could we change the confidence level of a label like it should display a dog only when the probability is greater than 0.9 instead of 0.5 which is set by default.


You can add check before showing the results.

For example:

if( font != NULL && <b>confidence > 0.9</b> )
    char str[256];
    sprintf(str, "%05.2f%% %s", confidence * 100.0f, net->GetClassDesc(img_class));
    font->RenderOverlay((float4*)imgRGBA, (float4*)imgRGBA, camera->GetWidth(), camera->GetHeight(),
                                        str, 0, 0, make_float4(255.0f, 255.0f, 255.0f, 255.0f));