Change Default display from boot?

Hello, i want to apologize a head of time for not having a real technical background

so i was gifted a unique piece of hardware its a jetson nano with a embedded screen,
however, the screen is busted. so when i try to flash a image via SD card it will not display on the HDMI but will display on the embedded screen, i can flash it Via USB and recovery mode but i will not get output to my HDMI afterwards or when i boot from SD card . ubuntu is on the emmc and when i use xrandr -query the embedded display is DSI-0" is there a way to change the the default output?

I think there are something I need to clarify first.

According to your description, it sounds like this “carrier board” you are using is not NVIDIA devkit because it has a sdcard slot on the board and the module is emmc kind.

For such board, it is probably from specific vendor. And if such board cannot detect HDMI monitor, you should contact that vendor for help.

It is not because we don’t want to help. Actually, we “cannot” help such case because we have no idea about the hardware design of such board. We don’t have a schematic for such board.

Also, “sdcard image” provided by NVIDIA is only for devkit board. It does not work for extra sdcard slot added by the vendor. If you have some sdcard image that can enable a DSI + extra sdcard slot on the board, then it is probably not from us. Our image does not enable those interfaces at all.

Btw, the manufacturer will provide what is basically a modified version of the JetPack/SDK Manager software which would work. The firmware would differ, but if you go to the manufacturer’s web site and search for things like flash, drivers, and downloads, then it might work just by running that. Model numbers for what the module is mounted to matters a lot.

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