Change edid.c in jetson nano 4gb

I need to change the edid.c file in jetson nano. But when the file is searched in sd card image flashed jetson nano, the file edid.c cannot be found. Where can I find the edid.c file to edit it? If it is not available in jetson sd flashed firmware, what is the method to edit the file edid.c and use the edited file in jetson nano.

How can I resolve this issue?

Source code is over here. Not exist on sdcard image. We expect you need extra host PC to modify kernel.

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Be aware that when you start editing that file you need to start with the kernel configured to match the original kernel. You can’t just edit the file. Be sure to use the tegra_defconfig configuration, and also to set CONFIG_LOCALVERSION to “-tegra”. Then you can work on editing edid.c.

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I will try these methods

I found the kernel files from the linux archive. I need to change the edid.c file and dp.c file to force resolution 1280 x 720 to both displays all the time even if one display is plugged out, there cannot be a fallback of resolutions. Is there a place in these files to edit to keep the resolution at 1280 x 720 all the time in both displays

No such solution in kernel driver.

What you want (headless and still have fake display mode) sounds like could be handled by Xorg config, which is upper layer level software but not in Linux kernel.

Will take a look at this

I was able to change the resolutions to 1280x720 in the unity-monitors.xml under config folder, where the resolution became fixed

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