Change, edit, modify DEVICE ID

To change a video card’s device ID:

Little-endian old strap: FFFF FFFF 0000 0000

Need to go from:
device ID 1090 = 0001 0000 1001 0000
device ID 1080 = 0001 0000 1000 0000

What is the new strap?

Here’s a little puzzle for you Device ID wizards:

In reference to my post earlier today…

I bought a used GTX 580 but drivers don’t load in Windows because someone had changed the Device ID from 1080 to 1090. I flashed the BIOS with a 1080.rom file, but that doesn’t change the Device ID. After finding this forum, I started to go through the procedures outlined, but now that I think of it, will they work in my situation?

So here’s the puzzle: when I run nvflash, my adapter comes up as a Tesla M2065 (a card that never existed) with a device ID of 1090 (also, an Nvidia device ID that never existed). So how can I possibly change the Device ID back to the original 1080?

My BIOS now has the 1080 data. Therefore, when I get my data to calculate my OLD strap, it’s from this fresh 1080 rom data which is now saved on the card’s EEPROM. In other words, wouldn’t I just get the OLD straps from this file, and re-flash the same values (with no changes) using the nvflash with straps syntax outlined in the original procedures?

I found these GTX 580 values in another forum. Can’t I just use them directly to reflash my Device ID back to it’s original 1080?

OR MASK 0: 0x00000000
OR MASK 1: 0x80000000

This would make:

nvflash --index=X --straps 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000 7FFFFFFF 0x00000000

By the way, nvflash does not tell me what my index=X value is. How do I find my value for X?

Buying a used card off Kijiji isn’t a sure bet, that’s for sure. I’ll likely stick to new cards in the future and avoid the 10+ hours I’ve spent trying to get this card back to factory specs.

But, before I trash this card, since there are no answers to my previous posts, how about this:

Is there any way during the installation of the nvidia driver that I can tell the install software that my card is really a GTX 580 with device ID 1080?

Disregard previous posts. Giving up on fixing the card and going with another card. I can’t say that I understand why guys modify cards for small gains with the risk of losing the card. Some guys must have money to burn.