Change Environment variables of base_url for Docker APIs

Hi Team,

We would like to change the Environment variables of base_url for Docker APIs which nvidia-tlt seems to use ‘unix://var/run/docker.sock’ in order to use the other socket like below.
Do you have any idea?

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Reference: How do I expose the docker API over TCP? - Server Fault

Thank you for your response.
But this is not solution for me to resolve my request.
I think that TLT command has used the following codes to run the docker container. Right?

import docker

In other words, do you have any way to run the tlt container on “remote” gpu server from other server which is installed the tlt command ?
I think that to do this, I need to change the “base_url” from default value.

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No, TLT does not set this base_url.
It is not specified to TLT. Could you please try other container instead of TLT container?
If not working as well, please try to search the solution for the new socker you mentioned.