Change from synchronized build to cross-compile

Hello everyone,

I’ve always had a little trouble getting eclipse configured for new projects so have usually avoided using it. For this project I find myself using nsight (eclipse edition) and am having a little trouble getting the IDE into a state that I’m comfortable with.

I currently have a fully working project that compiles and runs on the Jetson TX2 system. Everything is set up to have the compilation itself performed on the TX2, with the code being synchronized by nsight behind the scenes between the TX2 and my development machine (Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual Machine).

What I would really like is to have a system where the compilation is done on my dev machine and then just deployed onto the TX2 board. I’m having a tonne of issues with the git synchronization that nsight is trying to do, and find myself dealing with that more than actually writing my software.

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to configure the nsight environment to behave in this way? Cross-compile for the TX2 on my host machine and deploy the executable onto the TX2.

Thank you,



Please refer to below link for nsight cross-compile. Thanks!