Change H264 settings with parameter using recording tool+library

I’m trying to change the h264 settings with the parameters given for the recording library used by the recording-qt - tool.
Actually after encoding and decoding the image quality is really bad. So e.g. the calibration is not good enough for objects far away. Is there a possibility to change a parameter which changes the compression quality of the h264 stream like only saving I-frames instead of saving I-/P- and B- Frames?

Hi randtie,
Can you share the command you use now?

We did not solve this problem until now.

Hi randtie,
Still need your help to give your steps of recording h264 stream. We need more information to check further.

Hey DaneLLL,

we are using the following configuration for recording the h264 with the recorder file:

"camera": {
        "separate-thread": true,
        "record-thread-priority": 0,
        "write-file-pattern": "video_*",
        "sensors": [
                "protocol": "camera.gmsl",
                "params": "camera-type=ar0231-rccb-bae,csi-port=ab,camera-count=4,selector-mask=1111,output-format=h264,async-record=0,fifo-size=12,bitrate=200000000,framerate=30,cross-csi-sync=1,frame-record-count=1,frame-skip-count=1",
                "channel-names": [

The same parameters were used with the command line. This gives me a h264 file with two reference frames but actually we need no compression at all to study the loss of image compression.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi randtie,
Configuring all I frames is not supported. The interfaces we have are to set bit rate and frame rate.