Change in Jetson Nano Pinmux

We have downloaded NV_Jetson_Nano_Module_Pinmux_Config_Template.xlsm from Jetson Download Centre but I see that GbE Signals not available in the sheet. I need to do some changes in the excel sheet so can I add GbE Signals by myself.

hello amanbahl005 ,

could you please share more details of your actual use-case?
please also refer to Jetson Nano GPIO Header PINOUT. thanks

Actually we have our own custom board and we are using jetson nano som on that board. for that we are customizing the kernel according to the hardware, in one user manual i found that we have to do some changes in the pinmux sheet and convert it into csv file and use it in customizing kernel.
while i was doing the changes in the excel sheet i found some of the signals are not mentioned. could you please help where m going wrong.

hello amanbahl005,

you may check pinmux spreadsheets for the Pin Muxing field,
there’re GPIO and SFIO, you may select “Customer Usage” to change the definition.
may I know which pin you’re looking for to add GbE signals?