Change Jetson Nano Update and Boot Flow


I am working on a Jetson Nano emmc, using L4T 32.6.1.

I am customizing it with OTA (RAUC), willing to have a double slot system over NVC, BFS, KFS, APP and other created user partitions (I understood that BFS and KFS are groups of sectors/partitions). I wish I could at least do it for DTB.

I succeeded doing so with the APP partition and know it is possible for other created user partitions.

However, I understood the A/B redundancy on the other partitions is build-in for Xavier and TX2, not for Nano. Nano seems to use a different type of redundancy, as NVC/NVC-1, BFS/BFS-1, KFS/KFS-1… where both sides should contain the same binaries after an update. Because of the checksum logic, I also know that updating partitions should be performed using a BUP and the l4t_payload_updater script.

I learned about the default update and boot process from your documentation.

Despite this default behavior, is it possible to build an A/B redundancy on NVC, BFS and KFS ?
Could I take advantage of the current build-in redundancy, by being able to choose the partitions to update and boot from ?



please check the Nano’s partition layout file, i.e. $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t210ref/cfg/flash_l4t_t210_emmc_p3448.xml
only NVC for TegraBoot binary is able to add A/B redundancy, BFS and KFS are not supported.

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