Change the cursor inside from code

is it possible to change the look or put a png image as a replace to the mouse cursor directly from omniverse api?

Hi @icaroleles1. We have some shapes that you can change the mouse cursor to. Here’s an example:

import carb
import omni.kit.window.cursor

cursor = omni.kit.window.cursor.get_main_window_cursor()
# carb.windowing.CursorStandardShape.ARROW
# carb.windowing.CursorStandardShape.IBEAM
# carb.windowing.CursorStandardShape.VERTICAL_RESIZE
# carb.windowing.CursorStandardShape.HORIZONTAL_RESIZE
# carb.windowing.CursorStandardShape.HAND
# carb.windowing.CursorStandardShape.CROSSHAIR

# clear back to arrow
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would it be possible for me to use a svg ?

Hi @icaroleles1. We only provide those predined cursor shapes currently.

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