Change the default output resolution from 720p to 1024*1280

I’d like to change the default output resolution from 720p to 1024*1280.Is there a configuration file that can be edit?


Do you mean the HDMI output? Does your monitor itself support such mode?

Yes,it’s HDMI output and My monitor support this mode.

You could try to use GUI to set this mode as default first.
If it works, there would be a config file .monitor.xml generated under ~/.

You can use that xml file to set the default resolution.

This was a bit long, and perhaps not of any practical use, but the current question seems to be an extension of the other thread:

When you say to use GUI, I assume you mean the “system settings->displays” tool. This works for me, and the actual file location is “~/.config/monitors.xml”. If I use the default setting, then no such file exists, but once I set an alternate setting I can edit this to the original default setting and it goes back to default.

This seems quite useful, but I am now curious how this gets around the user space to kernel space ban/limitation? The reason I ask is because the “.config/monitors.xml” file would need to be used for every account and is not a centralized default location (it makes me wonder what methods might exist without logging in, e.g., for editing files directly on the system as a whole in a production environment).