Change the logo on boot of Jetson nano


L4T : 32.7.3
Jetpack : 4.6.3
TensorRT :
Board : Jetson Nano

I want to change the boot logo in jetson nano. I have tried different blogs but It still not working. Current I am following this github repo.

Where on point 8 I am not sure how to find the path of bsp. I have tried to look for this in different folder location but I am not find this exact location.

So can you please tell me in jetson nano where can I find this location.

Thank you,
Viraj Hapaliya

Hi virajhapaliya,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

You could download the Driver Package (BSP) in R32.7.3 release if you are using the devkit.
If you are using the custom board, you should ask your vendor for BSP packages.

I am using jetson nano devkit. I have downloaded tbz2 file and extracted it.

can you provide me the installation process. As there is not file in extracted folder.

You could refer the following instruction to set up the devkit.
Quick Start - To flash Jetson Developer Kit operating software

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