Change the permission

Dir. Sir,

I have Jetson Nvidia TX2 Development Kit and added the NAND SSD Hard Disk 500MB for extended the storage size. Then, I convert the booting sequence from the original SD Hard to SSD Hard. I want to add and install the DeepStream Reference applications in the original path of DeepStream that is (/opt/Nvidia/DeepStreem/DeepStream-5.0/sources ). But the error message is present as the Permission denied to add or modify any folder or file because that I, not owner, also, when I go to properties for any folder or file by right click on it, the all (owner, group and other) are not active to change the permission from read-only to read/write.

How can fix this permission problem in order to add any folder or file in any place in the TX2 Development Kit?

Note that I am the owner of Nvidia TX2 and I have the device for more than one year.

Can you help? And thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,