Change USD Source Path with Omnigraph


I want to change the animation of my character based on the speed of the prim I am attaching it to. The idea is to take the physics:angularVelocity from “imu” determine with it if the character is moving and connect the walking/standing animation to skel:animationSource accordingly.

I am having some trouble finding out how to make this switch between the animations. Is this even possible with Omnigraph? What would be the best approach to accomplish this? I couldn’t find documentation about switching paths in Omnigraph and I could use some guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jominga - we got you! Standby for some guidance from the team…we’re looking into this!

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Hello @jominga! Omnigraph is one of our newest features, so there is still a lot of development work that needs to be done. Right now, we don’t have a node to set the relationship target. The development team is currently working on adding relationship nodes for animation graphs.

To ensure that the feature you want is added, I created a ticket for the development team. I will post back when I get more information on how to do this. (For reference, internal ticket OM-43333)

OmniGraph is under active development, and the preview version of it in 2021.3 is quite out dated. What you are asking is not a supported feature in 2021.3. That said, we are planning for an alpha release of OmniGraph, featuring a special type of graph OmniGraph supports (OmniGraph will ultimately support many different graph types, hence the name) called the Action Graph, that will be available in the near future. With this new release, you should be able to read from attribute of a prim, do a bunch of compute based on that prim, and then set a relationship target on some other prim based on the results of the compute through the script node (if we understand correctly your intent here)

Hello ogteam,

Thanks for your response!
Yes! that is exactly what I need.

Is there somewhere I can subscribe to to get notified when this feature is released?

Hi @jominga

Check our public roadmap which displays everything we are working on for the next release: Omniverse Roadmap

You can also check the Kit Release Notes for any release updates