Changed Password Issue

Good day,

I’ve recently received a Jetson Nano Dev Kit. The first thing I did after logging in is change my password. I connected to the Internet to download and install my first program. This required me to input my password. To my surprise, my new password didn’t work. I’ve been nervously trying every possible combination of my new password, thinking it possible that I typed in a typo twice when creating the password.

After exhaustive tries… I am left without answers.

I boot directly onto the dashboard but I am absolutely perplexed why the system didn’t save my new password. Can any help?

I keep getting an error to say that my “keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer.” I’ve only logged in the one time, then changed my password. Could it be that my new password didn’t get saved because my login keyring was locked when I logged in?

I’ve only had the dev kit up and running for a few hours, with most of that trying NOT to lock myself out. Any help would be much appreciated.

We don’t see the issue before. Could you try to re-flash the system image and use password with only alphabets? To try and check if simple password works. And please not to set user/password in SDKManager. You can set it in first booting.

Thank you! I’ll go that route.

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