Changing 40 PIN Header PINMUX with editing device tree in Orin Nano


I want to enable I2S2 and AUD_MCLK in 40 Pin Headers, so I should changing pinmux in Orin Nano…
I already know changing with “/opt/nvidia/jetson-io/”, and I checked that it worked.

But, this method is generating dtb automatically, so if I should adding another function, for example MIPI Camera, I can’t enable MIPI Camera with enable audio pinmux.

I guessed I should editing “platform/t23x/p3768/kernel-dts/tegra234-p3767-0000-common-hdr40.dtsi”, but it not worked.

How can I chaning pinmux with editing device tree?

Thank you.

Please download the Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Orin Nano Series Pinmux spreadsheet directly from
or from the main page Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

Use this sheet to change the PINMUX and generate the DT files for the pinmux configuration


I know it, but as I know, this method can only pinmux configuration.

What I want is pinmux configuration with editing device tree because I should add peripheral (for example, MIPI Camera) in device tree, so I want to merging adding peripheral and pinmux configuration in dtb.

First you should convert your current dtb to dts (generated)
Have this generated dts as a reference

Now you need to update the dts for your current board i.e., i think
hardware/nvidia/platform/t23x/concord/kernel-dts/tegra234-p3701-0000-as-p3767-0003-p3737-0000.dts for Orin Nano 8 GB
hardware/nvidia/platform/t23x/concord/kernel-dts/tegra234-p3701-0000-as-p3767-0004-p3737-0000.dts for Orin Nano 4 GB

You need to add all the required changes to this dts.
You can use /delete-node/ to delete unneeded entries which you find in the generated dts file in the above

This dts file will be used to generate the final dtb and it will be used by the boot

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